A Lush Haul

After speaking at a conference the other week I happened to find myself on Oxford Street and I thought I would have a look in the big flagship Lush store and… well let’s just say damage was done!

I thought I would share what I picked up – picked up a good mix of old fav’s and some new purchases which I have been loving!

FullSizeRender (1)

First up is an old favorite (in it’s festive form) Butterbear – I love this little guy and it’s solid bits of coco butter which help my parched winter skin feel silky smooth again! I also love the smell of it – it’s so comforting! I also picked up another Avobath which is also an old favorite. It’s another super hydrating one but with the lemon oil it is also lovely and uplifting.  I also picked up a newer bath bomb Gaurdians of the Forest. As the name would suggest this smells earthy (it has oakmoss in it as well as rosewood oil) but also fresh.

FullSizeRender (3)

I picked up Thundersnow – which smells like warming peppermint which I love – I also love the bright blue colour that it turns the water – reminds me of holiday swimming pools! I also decided to pick up one of the ‘jelly’ bombs – The Big Sleep. As you can imagine this is packed full of lavender and camomile but it leaves a gorgeous moisturising jelly layer on the bath which is dreamy.

FullSizeRender (4)

I also picked up the Marmalade jelly bath bomb – which as you can imagine – smells like sticky orange heaven which is just delicious! I also couldn’t resist picking up The Pumpkin King which was part of their Halloween collection. A combination of sweet vanilla and cinnamon it is autumn in a bath bomb – the smells is so good! Last but no means least on the bath bomb front is Sherbet Dip (can you sense I like citrus scents?). This smells like lemon sherbet with a hint of grapefruit to help put a spring back in my step after a long day!


I also picked up a couple of bubble bars – Firstly my ultimate favourite scent form Lush – Rose Jam. I literally could bath in this smell all day every day it is so sumptuous and delicious – I am a sucker for anything rose scented! I also picked up Plum Snow which smells like plums and mandarin oil which is fruity and fresh.


To finish off, a non-bath item – I had read a lot about the Sleep body lotion and I was very intrigued. It is a mix of oat and camomile and lavender which together make a gorgeous scent for this rich body cream. It is super moisturising and sinks into the skin leaving you feeling super soft. The smell is cosy and relaxing and I swear that I sleep better after using this – it is a miracle worker!

That is everything I picked up, but despite how many bits now in my stash I can already feel a festive trip coming on when December hits!

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