Bedtime Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

There isn’t many things in life I love more than a good night’s sleep – even my husband and my beloved cat go down my love list if they disrupt me from getting a decent 8 hours of sleep.

I haven’t always had such a great relationship with sleep – throughout my time at university me and sleep seriously fell out for a while – so badly that I became a full on insomniac for about 3 years. I was properly surviving on around 2 hours sleep a night and after a seriously bad stint of around 10 days I started to hallucinate during a lecture. I eventually caved and got some tablets to help me sleep and I also made some dramatic lifestyle changes many of which I still uphold today. So I thought I would share some of my top tricks and tips to get a great night sleep!


First thing I try and do each night is give myself proper wind down time – time that isn’t on the sofa in front of the TV. It’s no surprise that I am a bit of a skincare junkie and I find that taking my make-up off and pampering my skin relaxes me and helps me unwind from the day. I have been noticing my skin has been extra dry recently so I’ve been loving this Ethiopian Deep Nourishing Honey Mask from the Body Shop (£17). It has the texture of honey and smells like it too and leaves your skin feeling mega, mega soft and plump after.

Once I’ve pampered my face then it’s on to my body – if I’ve been working out my aches and pains can keep me up but this Goodnight Magnesium Spray (£10) is a life saver. It smells like lavender and helps your muscles to relax and stop aching. It is an oil spray but it sinks in pretty fast.  Lastly for my body is the amazing Sleepy body lotion by Lush (£7.95). This is a recent purchase but I am in love already – with oatmeal, camomile and lavender oil this smells like a sleepy hug its divine. This does work I feel myself relax and start yawning after application – trust me on this one!


So I am fully covered up in lotions and potions and feeling relaxed then the last step before jumping into bed is to use my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (£24) – again this concoction of lavender and camomile this is a delicately fragranced spray which just adds to the relaxation.

Once I am in bed and the bed and myself smell like a lavender field I try to put my phone straight under my pillow and get reading – I have read before bed since I was little and without fail I usually only get a couple of pages in before I feel my eyes start to droop and I fall asleep. I loved reading Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance (£6.29) it was funny and interesting – a great read if you’re a bit of a data geek too!


So that is the routine I follow most evenings to help me drift off and enjoy a deep restorative sleep! Don’t get me wrong I don’t always have a perfect nights sleep and at times that ugly insomnia beast raises its ugly head but I know that by following the above steps I will get back to dream land soon enough!

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