e Ultimate Gift Guide for Her & Him!

The festive period is well and truly upon us – and with that comes all the anxiety of gift buying and giving – but have no fear! I thought I would pull together the ultimate gift guide – please prep yourself because this is going to be a SUPER long post! I make it slightly more succinct – I have split it into the following categories – if the category is a bit more gender specific (i.e beauty) I will split it out. The categories are going to be beauty / self-care, homebody, foodie,  gadget lover and stocking fillers!

So, let’s not make this longer than it needs to be and get started!

Beauty / Self-Care

For Her…

Now this is an area where narrowing it down to 3 was pretty tricky! First up you can’t beat a bit of Charlotte Tilbury at Christmas (or ever – one of my fav’s I am still desperately trying to get my hands on the Pillow Talk lippie!) as they do some gorgeous little sets but This Hot Lips Mini Celebrity Lipstick Charms (£29) are gorgeous!  You get a collection of Charlotte’s favourites – the colours are beige-pink ‘Kim K.W’ (one of my fav’s), deep rose plum ‘Secret Salma’ and screen siren red ‘Carina’s Love’. Ideal for every occasion.

Her 1

Next up for those skincare junkies in your life you can’t go wrong with the Peter Thomas Roth Mask-a-holic kit (£72). I think the PTR masks are the best on the market – I totally swear by the Pumpkin Enzyme mask it is the best! This set gives you 4 masks to try and the eye patches so everything you need for a proper pamper night in! You have a firming mask, hydrating and soothing, clarifying and resurfacing – so is perfect for any skin woes you might have!

Her 2

Final for the beauty for her is a gorgeous little make-up set put together by Beauty Bay. The one I’ve picked is ‘Sleigh the Night’ (£28) – I picked this as It’s one of the more neutral picks – you get 3 single pan eye shadows from some of the best brands (Juvia’s place and Make-up Geek) and two liquid lips by Morphe and delivered in a make-up bag. This is enough to create a lovely eye look and lip combo – which makes it the perfect gift for a make-up beginner! If the person you are buying for is a little more advanced they have the same concept for colourful or smokey eye looks!

Her 3

For Him…

Kheils do great skincare for both men and women but their gift sets for men are also great if you are trying to get your man into skincare – this Best Defence set (£116) is pricey but worth it if you are wanting to give an entire routine to him! It comes complete with serum, eye cream and moisturiser and is targeted at anti-aging or defending against it.

Him 1

Also if the man in your life is like mine he buys whatever £1 shower gel he can buy but always enjoys stealing some of my nice stuff – so buying some nice shower smellies is a great gift for him. I love the smell of the Molton Brown Black Pepper stuff is just delish which makes this body wash and deodorant set (£38) as a great gift!

Him 2

Finally – it’s a classic Christmas gift for a reason and that’s cologne – for men my pick is Chanels Platinum Egosite  (£72) – mostly because my husband has worn it the entire time we’ve been together and the smell of it makes me grin to this day. It’s official notes is very fresh whislt also being green and woody. Honestly – smell it next time you can it’s divine but of course this can be subbed for whatever fragrance the man your buying for prefers!

Him 3

The Homebody

I don’t think you can go wrong with PJ’s or Loungewear for a homebody – I know I will ALWAYS be happy to get PJ’s for any occasion! In my opinion Next do some of the best – for women this animal print cosy PJ set (£25) is gorgeous and for him I don’t think you can go too wrong with this Check set (£26) also from next (also a moment for the model in the picture on the website– HELLO!)

I also think for her candles are a great gift for a homebody – again I will never get bored of receiving candles – not saying men don’t like them but I am going off my own experience here! When I think luxury candles for gifting I automatically go to Jo Malone – all the candles are around £45 and the scents are to die for although one of my personal fav’s for this time of year has to be Pomegranate Noir.

her 2

I also think his and hers mugs make super cute presents for a home-body couple of your buying for your lady friend buy the set and then they will match – this ‘Boss / Real Boss’ set from Not on the High Street (£25) is still classy with a funny twist and you can personalise them which is a nice touch!

his 2

As a self-confessed homebody I can already confirm I have spent every evening under a cosy blanket which is why I think gifting one is perfect and this fleece ombre one from Next (£18) is dreamy and will be enjoyed by him, her and any family pets equally!

him 3

The Foodies…

I also think that myself and my husband fit into this category and there are tons of good options out there!  I think a cook book is a really under-rated present and there are some gorgeous ones out there, but one I have and have been using a lot which I think would be a wonderful present is The Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer (£11.89) – a book dedicated to one dish cooking – the recipes are super easy and delish and the photography and layout is gorgeous.


Know a couple into spicy food? Then this six month date night spice subscription (£44) is an awesome gift –  The first box of spices and recipes is sent when you place the order, and you can send it to yourself or direct to the recipient. Inside is a voucher with your personal message. The recipient activates this voucher to start receiving the rest of the boxes at the end of each month, to the address of their choice.The recipes are easy to follow and come with a full shopping list of the other ingredients (meat, veg etc), which can be found at a normal supermarket. The recipes will be different every month, and you can check ahead of time to see what’s coming.

food 2

If you are feeling a bit spendy and want to get a foodie a great gift – you can’t go wrong with a classic Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole pan – it is a gift for life these are made to last. The price varies from around £104 up t0 £250+ depending on the size. On the plus side if you get this for someone you are guaranteed for lots of dinner party invites!

food 3

Gadget Lovers…

I think I may have mentioned this in my gift guide last year but I think as much as many people may find electric toothbrushes boring but I think they make a great festive gift as its not something you buy yourself really – my pick for him and her is the Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun (£89.99).  This is a super high tech toothbrush with a sensor to let you know when you are brushing too hard and also when you should be moving around your mouth to make sure you don’t miss a spot! Also is USB chargeable including a USB charging case which is great for those that travel!


For those coffee fiends out there (of which there are many!) I think a coffee machine is a great gift – they are a bit pricey but again this is a gift that will keep on giving. I have been lusting after Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Coffee Machine by Magimix (£178.99) which is dreamy – if I was going to be upgrading my coffee game it would be with this!


Lastly for the tech lovers I featured the Amazon Echo and this year I wanted to feature their latest gadget offering which is the Echo Show  (£199.99) – think all the joys of Alexa but with a screen so she can also show you things instead of just talking to you – which is clever – it is the next step in home tech help!


Stocking Fillers…

Last but by no means least some stocking fillers – I’ve defined this as things under the £20 mark!!


I think books make great stocking fillers and a couple of great picks for her are Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women by Otegha Uwagba (£5) which is great practical tips for girl bosses as well as You do You by Sarah Knight (£9) which is about not giving a fuck and being you – I would be THRILLED to get either of these in my stocking this year.

Some super cosy  socks are also a winner – especially for those who get a bit chilly and I love these Mohair Bed Socks (£15) from Not on the High Street!  Also from Not on the High Street is this super cute personalised make-up bags (£15) which are a great stocking filler.


If you have a man who drinks whisky then this Whisky Ice wedge (£18) helps keep drinks cold without getting watered down which is clever! Can also work if they are a drinker of gin or vodka and want a cold drink that’s not watery!


Again for the spice lover I think this is such a fun gift which is brilliant for the price – it’s the worlds hottest chilli’s match box set for (£6.50) – it’s a great small sized set which I can imagine can cause great hilarity on Christmas day when it comes times for taste tests!


For the sweet toothed fellow in your life then this solid chocolate spanner (£12.95) is a great gift option and I can’t believe how realistic it is! But I think it’s a super fun gift for the DIY lover in the house!


Finally for those men who are fact lovers then The Book of the Year (£6) which is by the people who feature on the No Such Thing as a Fish podcast which is the QI fact elves talking about their favourite facts of the week with hilarious outcomes. I have featured the podcast on my blog before and they have created a book of all the random crazy facts of 2017 – it’s super funny and I have already bought several copies of this as gifts this year!


So – if you made it to the end WELL DONE – but I hope that you found this useful and it has given you some divine gifting inspiration!


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