A New Year – Reflections & New Goals

For me, 2017 was a year of two halves – there was definitely highs and towards the end of the year some really hard lows, but as I venture into 2018 although I don’t have a lot of direction what I do have is opportunities.

So we started last year with a dream trip to Cuba – it is just gorgeous as we could have imagined. We spent two lovely weeks exploring, drinking glorious cocktails and bathing in the sun. So many wonderful memories and this month is going to feel long, especially when social media reminds me of what I was doing this time last year.





When February came around was time to turn 31, so I can officially say I am ‘in my 30’s’ now apparently – which sounds scary and grown up! I spent in Exeter enjoying a weekend away and spa break with the husband which was blissful.

In April we did our annual pilgrimage to Scotland with my best friend and her partner (and my husband in tow obviously). The holiday house we have is somewhere I feel the most relaxed and settled, a week full of board games, red wine and reading was good for the soul and I am already counting down to going back this April.



As spring and summer rolled around we got to enjoy our first full summer in our house including doing work on our garden to make sure it was the perfect place to enjoy the summer sun. We had many lazy afternoons walking around Cambridge visiting the botanic gardens and having picnics on the greens and eating dinners outside – was just bliss.



In September we jetted off again, this time to Venice and I fell in love – the people, the incredible food, the wine and spending days wandering through the tiny side streets discovering shops and bars. I love visiting new places and it is rare I want to go back to somewhere – but Venice I would jump on a plane in a heartbeat. I did a full city guide which you can read here if you are thinking of going.



Not long after getting back from Venice, we also jetted off to Budapest in October – it is a total hidden gem of a city. We went with no expectations but if you like trendy coffee shops, bars and delicious food then you have to put it on your list. I am VERY behind in writing up my city guide but it is happening – so watch this space!


The other very exciting news was that me and my husband learned we were expecting a baby, however we also learned that at our 3 month scan at the end of November, our poor little baby had no heartbeat. It was a horrific shock and it is grief like I have never experienced. The initial feeling of guilt that you’ve failed this precious little baby is too much to handle – and then I learned that 1 in 3 women experience this and I was shocked. I knew the first 12 weeks were a risk but I never realised how common it was. After having to go into hospital for a medical miscarriage and seeing the ward full of other people going through the same thing, I vowed that I will use my voice to raise awareness – hence why I am telling you this now.

I am not going to say that I am over it, the pain is still feel very real. I think ‘would I have a bump by now’ and ‘would I have felt a kick’ – I don’t even know if it was a boy or a girl. But what I do know is that it isn’t the end of my journey when it comes to have a baby – hopefully watch this space. And for those of you who are going through this, or you may know someone who is or may be – for just now I am going to direct you to the amazing charity Tommys who really helped me in my time of need.

Sadly things didn’t get easier at the end of the year as I sadly lost my gran and then found out I am being made redundant from my job. So am I full of joy with a spring in myself for a new year – not at this moment in time but I will. I have the opportunity now to look at what I want to do and really focus on what I want. Which is where my 2018 goals come in – I decided this year to keep it simple and focus on some things which I think will improve my quality of life so they are….

  1. Scroll Less – I will be putting my phone on airplane mode at 9pm every night to avoid scrolling mindlessly in bed before going to sleep – it will give me a break and hopefully get better sleep as a result!
  2. Read the News more – I have decided to pay for a subscription to a newspaper so I can read news and articles that aren’t from Buzzfeed or Twitter – there was more than one occasion in 2016 that I felt ignorant to world events and this is the year that changes
  3. Read more – I have set myself the challenge to do the 50 book challenge – a scary prospect but I love a challenge – I will keep you updated via my ‘what I read this month’ posts throughout the year how I am getting on!

There they are – simple but I think will help me feel like a more well-rounded person when 2019 comes around. I know what your thinking – where is the ‘get an awesome new job’ or ‘start a family ‘but for me those aren’t goals – they are a given and I will of course, keep you updated!

Please share your goals below – I love reading what other people are focusing on – inspire me!


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