Massive Product Empties!

I keep a little bin or bag beside my make-up table where I collate all my empties to look back on and share if I would repurchase and needless to say the second half of last year I went through quite a lot! I find it quite satisfying to see that I do finish up things (and also use this to prove to my husband that I don’t just keep buying new stuff I use up stuff too!). As before a lot of this is skincare but I wanted to share my thoughts and if I would repurchase!



Starting from the left of the pictures first up was the Burts Bee’s Deep Cleansing Cream (£10) – I really enjoyed this cleanser it left my skin almost feeling tingly clean but whatever you do don’t put it near your eye – it’s a similar to a vaprorub incident! Would I repurchase – not straight away but can see myself buying again in the future.

Next up was the Loreal Hydra Genius (£9.99) which I had in the Normal to Dry version. This was nice and an instantly refreshing face moisturiser to use but I have to say I didn’t find it as hydrating as I hoped so I wont be picking this up again!

The Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (£18) is a product I had in my stash for a while but I finally finished it up. The reason it took me so long is I just didn’t reach for it too much throughout the day but when I did use it was right before bed – I usually take my make-up off when I get home so after my evening skincare has settled in I would spray this before sleep to give my skin an extra boost. It’s nice but is it necessary – probably not!

Another facial spray which I did go through a lot quicker was the Kiehls Cactus and Ginseng Hydrating Facial Spray (£28.50) – this is SO refreshing and I used this day and night after cleansing as part of my skincare routine and I loved it – it smells nice and you can really feel it making a difference – I am trying out a couple of different sprays at the moment but still think this may be my favourite!

Next up is my ultimate favourite face mask (which means yes I’ve clearly repurchased it already) and that’s the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (£55.50) yes it is pricy but this tub did me around a year (it’s a big tub!) and I promise this mask will change your skincare game – if you buy one thing from this post, it has to be this!

The cleanser that everyone raves about – I used up an entire Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£31) – now I know everyone loves this but controversially I don’t see what the hype is about?! It is nice, but I didn’t feel like my skin was properly clean after? I think I need something that leaves my skin feeling a little more refreshed maybe!

I also used up an entire Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 ++ (£16) – I can’t recommend this enough if your looking for a fairly affordable SPF that goes under your make-up well. I am currently testing a couple of others and I will report back  but I know this would be my go to if those don’t work out!

I  also finished up a giant bottle of the Garnier Micellar water (£4.99) which I will repurchase time and time again – I use this to get any left over eye make-up off after cleansing and for a lazy girl morning cleanse sometimes!

Speaking of cleansing I finished my Una Brennan Superfacialist Vitamin C Brightening Cleansing Oil (£10.99) which I loved – this is the perfect morning cleanse with its citrus scent your face feels clean and nourished – I’m using up some of my other cleansers at the moment but can definitely see myself going back to this!

Another product I can’t be without in my routine which has already been repurchased is the Pixi Glow Tonic (£18) – I use this at night as part of my routine and I swear it makes such a difference in my skin – I stopped using this for a month and found I had a lot of congestion and blackheads – further proof this really works!

I used up my travel size Ren One Minute Flash Facial (£32) and I have since bought the full size – this is a great product for those who want instant skincare benefits but don’t have a lot of time! I sometimes use this first thing in the morning after my cleanse to brighten up my skin if I’ve had a bad nights sleep – its lovely!

Lastly for the skincare section (I know there’s been A LOT) is the Keihls Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream (£47) – this is a super rich cream which is ideal for those with super dry skin – I personally used it as a night cream and I loved it. I am actually out of a night cream at the moment and I am tempted to pick this up again – it helps your skin look plump and glowy in the morning!


Body Care

First up on the Bodycare Is the daddy – I used up a whole 1kg bottle of Rose Jam by Lush – annoyingly I cant buy another one – I was gifted this last Christmas and it’s taken a good part of a year to get through it! It is my ultimate favourite lush scent so this was a dream!

I also broke my L’occataine Almond Shower Oil (£18) and It is as dreamy as people say. I am not so sold on the scent like a lot of people are but in the winter months this was a total treat for my skin leaving it silky soft and smooth – LOVE. I may re-purchase this but I’m currently using the Glossier shower oil (will report back!).

I of course used up another one of my Michum roll on deodorants (£1.29) and have repurchased after a disastrous foray into natural deodorants (watch out for a products I didn’t like post coming soon).

Hair Care

Not much on the haircare front except for this Fudge Think Big Texture Spray (£12.45) which holds a curl or wave like nothing else but is extreme hold – except a bit of crispy texture without it looking that crispy! Also used up a bottle of the Pantene Pro V Foam Conditioner for Volume (£3.00) – I loved this as I could put all over the ends but wasn’t moisturising enough for my very dry ends!!


On the make-up front again I didn’t use up a huge amount – I reached the end of my Too Faced Hangover Primer (£27) – now I loved this because at the time it was the only real moisturising primer on the market but there are a few now I’ve been trying out so the jury is out If I’ll repurchase.
I did use up two mascaras which I actually found fairly similar to each other despite one being highstreet / drugstore and the other being high end – the Lash Paradise mascara by Loreal (£11.99) and the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara (£19) are both great mascaras I can’t fault them – I am still sold on the Marc Jaobs as my go too though but for a high street dupe I would go for the Loreal!!

Keeping the general eye area I also used up a Gimmie Brow by Benefit – this is a great brow product for keeping your brows in place – I think sadly through they have discontinued this product! If you’re a bit lost without it then I can recommend the Glossier Boy Brow which I featured in my Best of Beauty post (see here!) – I actually think I might prefer it!

Last but by no means least I used up a fragrance – I am terrible at remembering to put on perfume so it tends to take me a long time to use one up! I used up my Peony and Blush Suede perfume by Jo Malone (£45) which is one of my fav Jo Malone scent – not my ultimate but I do love it. I don’t know if I would rebuy the perfume but can see myself getting a candle in this scent instead!


So that’s my MAMOTH empties for the last 6 months of the year – I promise I won’t leave it too long to do a post next time – I will probably aim for every couple of months! Let me know if any of the products I’ve used as your go to products in the comments below!!

One thought on “Massive Product Empties!

  1. I love the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask! I had a small sample of it before I committed. I’ve thought about trying the Loreal Hydra Genius, and I’m glad you only thought it was just okay. I’m using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream in Extra-Dry Skin and I love it sooooo much! You should give it a try. I used the formula for Normal Skin but didn’t like it as much at the Extra-Dry Skin formula.

    Great post!


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