What I Eat in A Day – January Edition

So the weather is still dark and let’s face it a bit miserable but without the joy of the festive feels and being able to cram 3 mince pies in your mouth at 4pm without guilt – sigh. So along with around 98% of the world, I am trying to keep an eye on what I’m eating throughout January to loose a little bit of Christmas chub but also just to make myself feel better!

So this is what I eat in a typical day… I like to have three substantial meals to try and avoid my weakness…. The snack. I am called the queen of snacks at work, so I try eat big, healthy meals to try get me through till the next one!


This morning it was slightly chilly and I woke up starving, so I had a big bowl of porridge. I make my porridge with full fat milk (gasp – I know! But trust me after doing my nutrition course taught me that you loose out on SO many of the good nutrients if you drink skimmed – it’s better to drink full fat, in small quantities of course!). I also chop up two dates into my porridge to give it extra flavour. For toppings I thought I’d treat myself so it was one teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter and another of Nutella – YUM! Then to top it off a touch of maple syrup. I washed it down with a de-caf coffee – I gave up caffeine at the end of last year and its amazing how much easier it is to wake up in the morning once you’ve kicked the habit – but kicking it was rough!




Nine times out of ten my lunch is left overs from dinner the night before and that was the case this day, I had left over pasta bake with cheese and bacon (topped with a herby bread cumb) and I added a big handful of spinach to counterbalance all the beige!! I always try to have one green thing for each meal – even if that’s a piece of fruit or a juice or something! Also this day was a working lunch type of day – I was on my floor because I decided to work by the fire to be cosy!!



I only snacked once this day and I was sort of fancying something sweet, so I went for some yoghurt covered banana chips. Don’t get me wrong I know that these aren’t exactly a ‘healthy’ snack – but they are so delicious I can only buy one bag at a time of I will consistently eat them! Other days I will have a protein ball or veggies and dip are a great alternative – let me know if you would like to see some post’s on healthy snacks options!



Dinner was fairly simple and a great low carb option, I find since I had a big bowl of pasta for lunch I wanted to avoid anything too starchy for dinner so we had pork escalopes wrapped in parma ham and fried in a little garlic butter and sage with a side of broccoli and more spinach and some mashed sweet potato.



A little note on water, I drink a lot of it through the day – I usually drink about 3 litres a day and I have been in this habit for a few years now. If you don’t get your recommended 3 litres just try and push yourself – honestly it will be the best decision ever. I feel more awake, my skin is better – the benefits are endless!

So that’s a typical day in eating – granted I was working at home that day. If you’d like to see my meal / prep commuter WIEIAD then please let me know!

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