Learning to Love Alone Time

So, the other day I went out on a hot date and it was with the best person I know…. And it wasn’t my husband. Scandalous I hear you cry – hardly – the date was with myself.

I decided to take myself to the cinema (to see The Greatest Showman – oh man it was so epic) and then I had a coffee and simply enjoyed my own company. I have also taken myself out to dinner or lunch solo, and I don’t mean sitting in pret having a bite – proper sit down and order with a glass of wine type meal.

When I tell people I am taking myself out I get mixed reactions, the eyebrows raise usually followed with a ‘oh how come’ or even ‘do you want company’ and I have quite politely said ‘no thanks, I am looking forward to some alone time’.

How don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always been this way. There was a time in life when I would do anything to not be by myself, when I lived by myself. I used to rack up super huge phone bills on the phone to anyone who would pick up and one month when the bill was so huge I had to ask for a loan to pay it off, I realised something has to change.

I started small – the cinema is a great option because let’s face it, you can’t talk to anyone anyway!! And it’s a dark room – so nobody is staring at you! Also, if you’re alone at home, don’t put the TV on in the background or the radio, allow yourself to sit in silence or read a book. If you go out to eat you can start by taking something with you, a book or a magazine but I do encourage you to go unaided – people watch (my favourite) and just let yourself be with your own thoughts – it will feel uncomfortable, but it gets easier.

I now revel in my alone time, I am an extrovert at work but I find that the more time goes on I am becoming more and more introverted, finding my energy in the quiet time on my own and relaxing.

What do you like to do to revel in your alone time? Share any ideas below!

5 thoughts on “Learning to Love Alone Time

  1. I have a pamper time, which varies. Recently, I stayed in one Sunday. I had things I was planning on doing but I did not write my day as a schedule. I did tai-chi for an hour, a sock in the bath. Cleaning the bathroom mindfully. Watched a couple of films on DVD while cuddle time from cat and a scented candle lit.

    Another time I have had a weekend of some kind, where I was away from technology and not contactable by phone. I set up a schedule for the two days as what would happen if you went on a retreat. It was lovely and it was like i had been on holiday.


  2. i also ones got a “oh how come” reaction ones when i went to the zoo alone coz my friends ditched me at the last minute and i really enjoyed. i now got used to doing things alone and i enjoy my own company.


  3. I used to feel self conscious going places on my own when I was younger, but then I got used to it when I started working away and stuff. I love it now! I do love my date nights with my other half, but sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than finding a quiet corner in a pub and reading a book with a glass of wine, not having to make conversation! The only annoying thing is when people feel sorry for you and try to invite you to sit with them 😂


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