January Favorites

It’s official, January was the longest month in existence. I don’t know if it’s the dark mornings and evenings combined with being skint after Christmas, but I definitely found this past month a struggle! But, let’s focus on the positives, there are a few great finds that have made it into my monthly top 5, January Edition.


First up is a cook book which I picked up before Christmas and I have already made so many of the recipes. The Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients book (£12) is great if you need quick recipes without breaking the bank and having the scower the shelves of Whole Foods for an ingredient you’ve never heard of (we’ve all been there!). it’s hard to say what my favourite recipe has been so far, but we’ve made the green spaghetti twice and the sausage and focaccia bake is DELICIOUS! If you’re look at branching out or your news years resolution is to cook more, pick this up, you wont regret it!

Now onto the good stuff, beauty and make-up (before finishing up with a fitness favourite – shocking spoiler alert!). First thing is the Glossier Stretch Concealer (£15) which I totally picked up due to it’s mega hype but was dubious as I usually look for a bit more coverage in a concealer, but I love this! It isn’t the highest coverage, but I love how this brightens up the undereyes and leaves them looking glowy and plump. I do usually apply a little of the Glossier wowder so it doesn’t get too creasy but this leaves me looking like I’ve had a good 8-10 hours sleep without looking like I’m wearing a ton of make-up!

Keeping with the eyes, I also picked up the Smokey Obsessions palette by Huda Beauty (£25) from Cult Beauty and it hasn’t left my eyes since! Firstly, this palette is small but perfectly formed making it a great palette for traveling. This has a gorgeous transition shade, some super blendable browns and creamy shimmers that have a real impact when you apply them with your finger or a packing brush. Also the black is perfect for creating a faux eyeliner look or smoking out a daytime look to take it from day to night. The Huda shadows are amazing, I am so tempted to now pick up the other colourways!



Next up nails – after following Kathleen Lights on YouTube for years now, I was so excited when her nail brand KL Polish finally brought in international shipping! I picked up the Lips & Tips Collection ($45 / £32) box. This is a combination of gorgeous nude shades from browny tones through pinky/mauve tones. I love this formula – it lasts solidly for around 10 days and it dries super quick and is easy to apply with the brush. I had to wait around 3 weeks for delivery but it also came without having to worry about customs charges which was great – when I order from Colourpop I usually get stung with a fairly pricy fee!

Now for my fitness fav I mentioned earlier and it’s Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day yoga journey ‘True’ on YouTube.  She’s been doing a video every day for you to follow, each with a different theme or focus such as listening, strength and harmony, listening and trust. Her approach to yoga is amazing, she also gives you some great affirmations throughout and they each vary in intensity – it does feel like you’re getting a one on one yoga class. Now I haven’t managed to squeeze it in every day so I am a little behind but I have found myself looking forward to doing my evening yoga and even uttering the words ‘I just can’t wait to get home and get on my mat’ after a tough day. I definitely plan on keeping up yoga going forward!

So those are my Jan 5 fav things – let me know below what you’ve been loving in January that’s helped you combat the blues!

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