The Products that Saved my Skin

So back in my high school days my skin was a mixed bag, my face would usually be okay but my chest and back would suffer from horrible acne – and when I did get a face breakout it was usually a whopper – cystic and very painful.

After discovering a proper skincare routine, it cleared up and I’ve been super lucky with my skin ever since – that was until last November. After sadly suffering a miscarriage (I write a little about it in my 2017 round up) my skin went into total hormonal meltdown. All across my jawline, chin and neck and it was awful. I know that I clearly had bigger things on my mind, but having my skin look awful just made an already awful situation a little bit worse.

So I decided to treat myself to some skincare bits and pieces to add into my routine to see if they would help and I can honestly say they transformed my skin. I should tell you at this stage that although the bottom half of my face was congested and problem and I get shiny in my T-zone the rest of my skin is pretty dry, so I wanted products which would help the acne without drying my skin out. So, I thought, to share the love for anyone out there who is struggling a bit with problem and congested skin!


First up, I really wanted a cleanser that was going to really clean my skin and help work on the congestion so I picked up the Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser (£62) – it makes your skin feel super clean without being stripping or drying. It’s filled with fruit enzymes to help eat away and dead skin cells and broccoli extract which helps brighten skin! Also it smells delicious – like a zingy ginger shot. I initially started using this as my second cleanse at night and again in the morning, now my skin is much better, I only use this as my second cleanse in the evening and use something more hydrating during the day.

After cleansing in the evening I brought out the big guns, the Sunday Riley UFO oil (£68). This is the single product which I suggest you purchase out of everything if you are struggling with your skin. This green clarifying oil is honestly magic in bottle. Now it doesn’t smell wonderful (it’s a bit grim) but this oil which is packed with exfoliating salicylic acid, this purifying oil not only battles (and prevents) blackheads and breakouts, but also brightens and reduces post-acne discolouration with the help of hexylresorcinol and liquorice. It also contains antibacterial tea tree and black cumin seed oil to combat spot-causing bacteria, while neroli and chamomile combine to calm any redness.  I slather this on and let it sink in before applying a richm hydrating night cream.


In the mornings I have been cleansing with something a bit more soothing and hydrating and after I take the La Roche Posay Serozonic (£10). This is a super refreshing step which focuses on tightening pores and soothing skin. Once this has dried in (I usually brush my teeth as it’s quite wet and takes a while to dry) I apply the Glossier Super Pure serum (£24). This is filled with Zinc and niacinamide which helps calm readness and calms any blemishes and it does what it says on the tin. The only bug bear with this is that it is in such a small bottle – but as I have only been using this in the morning it has lasted a little over a month.

So those are the 4 products which I have been using religiously and have been a significant change in my skin for the better – don’t get me wrong I don’t have perfect skin and still have the odd breakout (I’ve got a peach on my cheek right now!) but it is managble and my confidence has greatly improved! I hope that some of you found this helpful – if any of you have great recommendations for problem skin please let me know!

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