32 Facts about Me!

So as you are reading this…. It is my birthday!! I am turning the grand age of 32… not an exciting milestone age but hey-ho! I am not a huge birthday person – but I thought to mark it on my blog this year I would do 32 facts about me – one for each year I’ve graced this planet!


  1. I don’t have a middle name – which everyone when I was younger thought was weird. I once cried because I felt left out!
  2. I am originally from Glasgow but have also lived in Edinburgh, London and currently live in Cambridge!
  3. I work in Employee Engagement and Internal Communications and have done for 8 years or so – I am currently thinking of setting up my own consultancy business doing exactly that – scary steps!
  4. My actual degree is in Marketing, specialising in Fashion Marketing – in fact my dissertation was actually published (oh check me!)
  5. I still have my baby blanket that I came home from the hospital in – he is affectionally named scabby!
  6. I have a cat called Twiglet – I am a bit obsessed with her – she even has her own hashtag on Instagram #Twiglettime if you want to see how CUTE she is 😊
  7. I met my husband nearly 7 years ago and we’ve been married just over 3 years
  8. We actually got married TWICE – the official wedding was in secret with just our parents but we also had a big wedding party with everyone we loved – both were just the best, most memorable days!
  9. I am sadly an orphan – I lost my mum when I just turned 13 (hence why I’m not a birthday person!) and I lost my dad when I was 29. It doesn’t get easier with time, you just get used to it but it’s a very strange thing having no family links
  10. Saying that I do have two sisters – one of which I don’t speak to anymore but the other I’m really close with – they both live in Scotland
  11. My favourite movie of all time is Breakfast at Tiffanys – I watch it whenever I need perked up
  12. I am a Disney obsessive….
  13. I have been to Disneyland Paris 17 times…. I actually get cravings to go!
  14. I am a hot sauce addict – I put it on everything. My favourite is the Franks hot sauce and Franks Buffalo… oh em gee it’s so good!
  15. Speaking of food my all time favourite is Mac and Cheese…. I am also a huge pizza fan….!
  16. I definitely have a savoury tooth as opposed to a sweet one – I would rather have a starter then a pudding… although cheeseboards are my life!
  17. I am a make-up hoarder – I love nothing more than buying make-up and trying out new releases – my collection is a tad out of control!
  18. I have kissed David Walliams on stage at the London Palladium for a record breaking attempt – that was an interesting evening!
  19. I used to dance – ballet specifically and performed on a few stages – I miss it lots and am always tempted to start up a class again!
  20. I am a huge musicals fan – I listen to a lot of the soundtracks on a daily basis
  21. I quite often lip sync along to my music when I am walking – there has been SO many occasions that I have been caught out but I don’t really care!
  22. I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression – there has been some really dark times – but I swear by and practice CBT always
  23. Sometimes the dark times got too much – I actually have tried to commit suicide twice – I don’t talk about it a lot but both times were an interesting learning curve for me
  24. Whenever I do a personality test I always come out as an extrovert but I definitely find that as I’ve got older I’ve become much more of an introvert – I can quite happily hide out in my house all weekend and be cosy!
  25. I buy a lot of candles…. They are one of my favourite things to buy (besides make-up!) and my favourite are from Anthropologie!
  26. I bought my first house a year and a half ago and made the move to live in the countryside in Cambridgeshire – it was a big change as I’ve always grown up in cities but I haven’t looked back!
  27. I am itching to start a family – we were pregnant last year but sadly suffered a miscarriage – so everything crossed 2018 is in my year!
  28. I have a super eclectic music taste but I would say my favourite bands are Goo Goo Dolls, Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins and The Eels!
  29. I love cooking – I think I own about 70 cook books (its crazy my kitchen is full of them!) and I love meal planning for the week and cooking new things!
  30. I am a big book worm – I love reading and have done since I was little – I am already reading book number 7 this year!
  31. I used to suffer from TERRIBLE insomnia – it got so bad once I started to hallucinate in the middle of a uni lecture!
  32. Me and my hubby love traveling – we have so far been to Venice, Rome, Florence, Cape Town, Dubrovnik, New York, Budapest, Bruges, Paris, Disneyland Paris (duh), Washington, Greece, Spain, Cuba…. I am sure there are some I’ve forgotten but I still have so many places on my list!


SO those are 32 random facts about me – I hope that gives you some random insights into me as a person!

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