What I Read in February

We are already halfway through March so apologies this post is slightly delayed! February seemed to zoom by but I still managed to get in some reading and polished off 4 books taking my total read to 10 for the year so I feel I am doing well for my 50 books in a year challenge (although March has been a bit of a fail I’m working on it!).


The first book I read was La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust by Phillip Pullman and there isn’t enough good things I can say about this book! It is a prequel to the famous ‘Northern Lights’ trilogy and is focused around Malcom who lives with his parents across from a Priory who are looking after a little baby girl named Lyra. He has a connection with Lyra and after a major flood seeing the Thames banks bursting, he goes on an adventure to protect Lyra from people who are trying to harm her. The book is beautifully written and is a nice nod to all the familiarities to the Northern Lights trilogy but you do not have to have read it to read this instalment which is great.  It’s a fairly chunky book but is so gripping I read it in just under a week!

I had been itching to read Dolly Aldertons ‘Everything I know about Love’ book for months after hearing her speak about it on her podcast (The High Low Show – the BEST podcast out there) and it didn’t disappoint. It portrays female friendships in such an honest way, the good the bad and sometimes the ugly. There were many parts I nodded along to fiercely (jealousy in friendships, the politics of MSN messenger back in the day, feeling a bit lost) and some parts I cried my eyes out at and others where I laughed my head off. It made me want to message all the female friends in my life and tell them I appreciated them and it also made me realise that my new goal in life is to be Dolly Aldertons best friend.

Then in a completely different direction I picked up and read Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer which is a fantastically creepy sci-fi book about Area X, where countless expeditions have gone in to discover what is going on there, and many haven’t come out at all or have returned not like themselves.  It’s a fairly tricky book to get your head around, narrated by one woman about expedition 12, 4 women (who don’t ever learn their names) going to explore area X. It is hard to say more without spoiling it –  I enjoyed this book but it wouldn’t be my favourite – it was just so out there for my tastes. I have seen it’s also been made into a film, I would love to tell you I will watch it but I am such a wimp and if they book scared me the film would probably scar me for life!!

Lastly, I read the hotly anticipated Lullaby by Leila Slimani – this book is incredible. For one it grips you from the famous first line (The baby is dead. It only took a second….OMG) and it continually builds in suspense as you go right back to learning how the Nanny, Louise builds to committing the most horrific of crimes. It is a book with complex themes (class, grief, motherhood) while being simple and engrossing to read.  I can’t say enough about this book, it’s affecting, gripping and glorious – you must read!

So those are all the books I’ve read in Feb, March has been a bit of a fail on the reading front but I’ve got some time to try and catch up!

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