Three things I Learned when Giving up Caffeine

Around 6 months ago I decided to go cold turkey and give up caffeine. DEAR GOD WHY is what I hear a lot of you crying – well there were two reasons. Firstly, we were a few months into our guest for a baby Walsh and I had read that giving up caffeine was one of the things that had helped a lot of other couples conceive (which was right on the money by the way– sadly my pregnancy just wasn’t meant to be at that time). I have also being a long time suffer of anxiety, I had read that a lot of people found their struggles had eased after giving up caffeine.


Now I wouldn’t say I was the biggest caffeine addict going, I would have one or two cups of coffee in the morning and maybe a couple of tea in the office in the afternoon, but my bigger vice was Diet Coke – I would have at least one a day… and if I’m honest that was my biggest fear of the mission to give up caffeine, but here I am 6 months later and wanted to share with you the three things I’ve noticed and experienced while giving up the big C!

  1. Giving up was hard, but only for about 3 days. Now I am not going to lie to you, everything you hear about giving up caffeine is right – the headaches are ROUGH but they only last for a short period of time. Before going cold turkey I was reading articles saying I was going to be feeling awful for weeks – totally not true! I swore by 4head in those first few days – I much prefer it than taking loads of tablets!
  2. My Sleep is 1,000% better. I get asked most often ‘how do you function in the morning’ – well I actually function SO much better in the morning and that is mostly down to the fact I sleep much better, and I don’t go to bed as early! I used to be half asleep by 9pm – and now I can easily get to bed at 10.30pm and spring out of bed at my 5.30am alarm, no joke!
  3. My SKIN is better – this was the biggest surprise to me and one I didn’t expect. I found I used to struggle with a lot of puffiness and dark circles and my skin just looking a little….grey! I find now I don’t struggle with as darker circles (also probably helped by the better sleep) and my skin is plumper and brighter, because caffeine is known to dry your skin out from the inside! I never gave it up to get better skin but it is a very happy side-effect!

Now, I want to stress that I am not a doctor or an expert in nutrition, I have done a nutrition course but if you are thinking of giving up caffeine and you rely on it – please, please speak to a doctor first!


I haven’t looked back since giving up caffeine, after the pregnancy failed I could have gone back but I honestly didn’t have any desire too – I don’t even miss my diet cokes! Do I still drink tea and coffee – HELL YEAH! I love the taste and I don’t get more joy than curled up with a cuppa and a book, and you will be surprised how many places have caffeine free options, you just have to ask!

Let me know if you’ve ever considered giving up caffeine or what your biggest vice is you’ve given up!

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