March Favourites!

March has been a super chilled month for me, I finished up my old job and had two weeks of nothing to just relax and unwind before starting my new role! This has meant I haven’t been wearing as much make-up, my days have been filled with working out, home décor, reading with the odd Netflix binge thrown in – I can’t lie – it’s been blissful!


But when I have been wearing make-up, my go-to for minimal makeup days and full glam days has been the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (£30) – this stuff is insane. When I first saw reviews saying it was a multi-purpose glow product I wasn’t sure but this makes your skin look unbelievable! On no make-up days I’ve popped this on my skin, slapped a bit of undereye brighter on and some mascara and been good to go and when I’m wearing more of a base I’ve been popping it all over my cheeks and cheekbones. It is easy to blend, super smooth even over foundation and gives your skin that lit from within ‘I drink 3 litres of water a day and get 10hours sleep every night’ – it has become a staple in my makeup routine!

I don’t talk about haircare very much but I am trying to get better at caring for my hair and styling it to look a little more put together (she says typing this with day 4 hair in a scruffy top knot on her head!). I am a night showerer so I like to wash my hair and leave it to air dry as much as possible before styling in the morning but I was finding it super frizzy and hard to style the next morning, until I picked up the ‘Rich Kid Coconut Oil Air Dry Styler’ by IGK Hair (£25). I put a pearl size amount through my hair when its towel dry and let my hair dry naturally and I wake up with wavy, textured non frizzy hair with is then 1,000 times easier to style in the morning – it’s great!


Now for some fashion favourites, first is this amazing small circle straw bag from Next (£26) which is dreamy. I haven’t been able to use this as much as I like (seriously where the hell is spring!) but I am already obsessed with it – It is so easy to style and I am excited about the warmer weather so I can wear this more. In the same Next haul I also picked up these gorgeous mustard patent loafters (£14) and I’ve got so much wear out of them already. With a simple outfit and denim, they lift any outfit and it is one of the on-trend colours of the season.


Lastly is a TV favourite, which I think is going to be featured on a lot of favourite lists this month and that’s Queer Eye on Netflix. I binged the entire season in two days and I am sort of sad I did because I am already itching for series two. If you haven’t heard of it – it follows 5-day guys who help give make-overs to men in need. They focus on clothing, grooming, culture, home design and food and drink. It is an hour of feel-good, supportive amazingness, but it also focuses on some really important issues including race and religion. There honestly hasn’t been a TV show that has made me feel so warm on the insides in ages!


So those are my 5 favourite things of March – let me know what you’ve been loving down below! I have some more time off in April for a break to Scotland and I’m helping organise a hen party (interested in top tips for organising a hen party blog post?) and I am also starting a new job which is exciting and terrifying in equal measures – bring it on!


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