A Life Update & What’s Next…

So…. It’s been a while huh? It’s been just over 6 months to be exact – oops! In my defence, there has been a lot going on, and I had been struggling with my blog before my semi-enforced hiatus.

So why did I stop blogging full stop? Firstly, I wasn’t loving the content I was putting out anymore – I was struggling between a personal battle of saving money and feeling like I had to purchase the latest beauty bits to be able to have something to write about. It started to feel very materialistic and consumeristic (is that a word?) and it wasn’t sitting right with me anymore. I am also so much more than just my total love for all things beauty (and I do still love it, trust me!), I have opinions and thoughts on a whole range of topics that I wanted to put somewhere but was frightened that my audience didn’t want to hear it.

Then there is the big, bump-shaped elephant in the room… I am now pregnant with my first baby, a little girl who is due in January 2019!! I am currently 22 weeks as I write this and for those of you who have followed this journey for a while will know what a big deal that really is after struggling with a miscarriage last year. So of course, with that comes a whole new realm of thoughts and things I want to share.



So, what does this mean for this blog going forward? I toyed with giving it all up, but I often think to myself of great topics to cover and things I’d like to share – so I decided to give it a facelift and put some love and attention back into it! Will I still talk about beauty, from time to time yes, of course, I will, just not as often as before. I am going to aim for 2 posts a week on a Monday and a Friday. On a Monday I am going to post more ‘mum to be’ content (#mum-Monday?) and on a Friday a whole mix of lifestyle content, from books I’ve been loving, monthly favourites, travel, fashion and posts about things which are playing on my mind. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone and I feel it will be much more a reflection of me as a whole person.

In the meantime, welcome back and thanks for sticking around through the silence and hope you’re as excited as I am for what’s coming next! If there are any particular posts you’d like to see, pregnancy-related or otherwise – please comment below!


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