Pregnancy Update – Weeks 13-16

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you who read and engaged with me life update and the post about my first trimester – it really means a lot and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back blogging, it feels right and it’s put a big smile on my face again.
Also, for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram and are interested in pregnancy updates on a weekly basis in a lot of detail then I am doing an IGTV series weekly to keep my followers updated – you can find me by looking for @megatron1002.
So, on here I will be doing updates in sort of 4 week blocks – so this update will be on all things week 13 – 16!
Firstly, if you haven’t read my first-trimester update, please do as it explains why this update is probably going to be fairly short! Week’s 13 and 14 were very much clouded by the fact that we were waiting on our CVS procedure and then the follow-up results. I am not sure how I can put into words the true fear that I experienced waiting on those results. I had started getting a very small bump and I was determined to ignore it as I was terrified to get attached. We had to discuss what we would do if the results were positive for any of the complications, which was heart-breaking. I don’t want to dwell on the decision we would have made because we didn’t have to make it and it is a very, very personal decision.
We got the call on Wednesday (the procedure was on the Friday) and thankfully all our results were totally clear (phew) and they went through my complications which was the trigger for why we were flagged up (which I touch on in my 1st-trimester update).
So… after all that what was going on!
I was still feeling fairly tired at this point and that really started lifting around week 14/15 – when I felt like I was getting a little bit more like myself which was amazing!
The biggest new symptom which kicked in around week 14 was growing pains – oh wow! Nobody really talks about quite how painful and unnerving they are! I found as I was on the sofa and I leaned over to pick up a drink or reach to the back of the cupboard and when I sneezed I got sharp pains up my sides and down towards my hip and groin area. They really take you by surprise and do take a few seconds to pass!! As someone who was particularly anxious about the risk of miscarriage after CVS it was fairly alarming but rest assured, it is totally normal!
Baby Progress & Appointments
The first thing I noticed around 15 weeks is that out of nowhere I had started getting a bit of a bump! It is strange because it really does come out of nowhere!! But it still felt super soft so when I sat down it folded up and looked like I’d been enjoying all the treats (which I sort of had!) but I also found that it grew throughout the day as I ate – I was feeling large by the end of the day! The below picture is me at 16 weeks…
I also found at 16 weeks I started to feel little flutters which I wasn’t sure if they were the first signs of movement, but now I’m further on I can confirm that it was as I still feel them but stronger now! It sort of feels like someone is tickling you from the inside!
On the back of CVS we were offered some additional genetic screening tests which we could pay for which would give us a report – so since they were putting a needle in there any way I thought I might as well! We got the results at 15 weeks and everything was totally clear but also, we were able to find out the sex early so we found out were having a baby girl!! People ask if I had a preference or an inkling – I didn’t but everyone around me kept saying ‘she’ so they must have known! I thought I might have had a preference maybe (I’d always seem myself with boys!) but the fact this baby is healthy was MORE than enough!
We also had our 16-week midwife appointment. One thing that I think the NHS could do better (and trust me I think they are AMAZING) is explaining what each appointment entails because if you’re anxious like me it helps! But she talked me and my husband through all my blood results to date, about our CVS and the outcome and if we had questions (I had some, by husband had TONS) and then she got me to lie on a bed and feel where my uterus was. Turns out in the exact right place (phew again) and we also got to hear her heartbeat! That was a lovely moment and was just more reassurance this one is a little fighter!
Sharing our News
We had shared our news after our positive 12 week scan with family and close friends which was so amazing but of course short lived as we then had to tell the same people about the complications and what was happening, which although was hard the amount of support I had from people was unbelievable – you really know who your friends are in times like those.
Then in week 15 I was finally able to share my news with my work colleagues which I had a lot of anxiety about. I got pregnant in month 2 of this job, and I know that family was priority for the moment but I also found a job that I genuinely adore – and I felt bad for getting pregnant so early and was worried about judgement – which was all totally unfounded and everyone has been lovely!
Then – after the successful 16 week midwife appointment I finally felt comfortable enough to share the news about baby Walsh on social media. Having been that person that cried when I saw pregnancy announcements at the height of trying to get pregnant and feeling like it wasn’t happening, I was really determined that my announcement would be different. I was super honest about our journey and I genuinely couldn’t believe the outpouring of private and public messages of other people’s struggles and kind words of how brave I was that I had been honest.
So that is my 13-16 week update, next week I will be popping up my 17-20 week update so keep your eyes peeled for that!
If you have any questions or want anything to be included in these posts then let me know and don’t forget to check me out on Instagram for real-time updates!

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