Pregnancy Updates Week 17-20

I have been really enjoying these updates, but what I’ve realised over the past couple of days is how long ago it feels already and it’s now making me more nervous about how much left there is to do before she arrives… January suddenly feels like it’s not that far away!  But here is my updates for weeks 17-20!
There were a few new symptoms that reared their heads in this time! The growing pains continued but the biggest one I noted down at the time was an incredibly stuffy nose and even nosebleeds – particularly in the morning and late evening. It sort of felt like waking up with a cold each morning, which does go away once you get up and going but is a bit annoying and going to sleep could sometimes be tricky as I couldn’t breathe through my nose – which according to my husband resulted in some pretty epic snoring! About time I got him back!
Along with that, I had found that I was getting some vaginal discharge (TMI alert). This is quite common in pregnancy which I wasn’t aware of! There is nothing more alarming than feeling like all of a sudden your knickers are wet – but the midwife explained that as long as there is no strong smell or colour change then it is the body’s way of working overtime to make sure there is no infection and everything is healthy!
I have also noticed some of the perks of pregnancy – my hair got a whole lot thicker which resulted in me giving it the chop as it was getting unruly and my nails are also growing a lot quicker – my gel manicures are certainly not lasting as long as they did before! Not that I am complaining! My skin is also looking really clear at the moment which I am loving, I was told by someone that when you’re expecting girls they take your beauty and you have terrible skin – but that doesn’t seem the case for me thankfully!
Baby Progress & Appointments
In this time there definitely was a growth spurt in the baby and therefore the bump department and I found that it started to go less squishy and much harder and more round. Of all the progress this is the one I was really excited for – I was itching to look pregnant!
I also found that movements become much more frequent in this time, particularly around meal times I could feel fluttering’s in my tummy which was glorious and over time they got stronger and stronger.
The big appointment was our 20 week scan – this is the scan which they check that all of babies organs are forming in the right place, check for spine and facial abnormalities and that its legs and arms are forming well. The other biggy they check is that the heart is formed and that the chambers are letting in the right amount of blood and pushing it around the body. Of course, you can also find the sex out at these scans but we already knew – but we did get the sonographer to swing by and do a triple check! The scan takes a little longer and I definitely found it much more clinical than the initial scan – but it is super fascinating to see everything in so much detail! My favourite moment was seeing her yawn and rub her eyes – that was the moment I couldn’t help but let a little tear escape! It was just so amazing seeing her move as a tiny person and not a sort of well-formed blob! We got the all clear with no anomalies – in fact, the sonographer said she was a grade A student! We left truly elated – finally – a scan that was only positive news!!!
Baby Buys
I don’t know whether it was us being overly cautious but we hadn’t bought anything other than a couple of baby outfits ahead of 20 weeks, I think we both wanted another confirmation that all was good before really delving into the baby buys!
So far we’ve picked up a bouncer, nursery furniture, Sleepyhead, Moses basket and play mat all second hand. One of the biggest pieces of advice we’ve been given is not to get too much of the big stuff full price as it can get crazy expensive and everything we’ve gotten so far is excellent quality and barely looks used!
I have also done quite a bit of baby clothes shopping – so far I’ve been loving H&M for great basics like leggings and plain baby gros and Marks and Spencer and Next for cute outfits! She’s fairly well kitted out until she’s 6 months old and I am sure I will get some cute outfits from family and friends yet!
The 20 week scan felt like a real milestone for us and we have definitely eased into enjoying this pregnancy (at last) so will be embracing it for the second half! Next week I’ll pop up our 21-24 week update – after this, I will be popping up some other pregnancy content until its time to put up my 25-28 week update. Currently planned are some of my pregnancy essentials, body confidence in pregnancy and a ‘what I eat in a day’ – pregnancy edition talking about cravings and changes in my appetite! If there is anything else you would want to hear about – let me know!
Also if you haven’t caught up, I’ve written a post about some of those unhelpful comments from mums to us newbies which I find very unhelpful which you can read here, and I am doing weekly video updates on my Instagram if you want to follow along – find me @megatron1002.

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