Pregnancy Update – Weeks 21 – 24

I can’t believe that after this update we are fairly up to date (I am currently 25 weeks as I’m typing this!) and that I am also coming to the end of my 2nd trimester! This trimester has definitely felt like it’s been super quick and as a whole really enjoyable, it is true what they say about this being the ‘honeymoon’ period of pregnancy, although hasn’t been without a couple of surprises…


I have found over the past 4 weeks there has been a few new symptoms that I wasn’t expecting, I sort of thought that I wouldn’t be getting any new symptoms by now – how wrong was I!

First up (if you thought last week’s discharge chat was too much, brace yourselves…) I noticed that my nipples looked sort of… flakey. When I looked in more detail it turns out they were crusted with an off-white substance which I learned was colostrum and was just my boobs getting ready for producing milk – which of course is great but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t slightly unnerving!

I have also found that I am just generally getting bigger, bump wise obviously but also boobs and I feel like I’m putting on weight around my hips, bum and thighs – I don’t mind this really but one of the strange side affects of all the growing is that your skin itches!! I’ve also noticed darkening of patches of my skin and also I’ve developed skin tags on my neck. I had these as a kid and got them removed – but they seem to have grown back! Apparently, it’s quite common but I am going to see if I need them checked out!


Other than that, with growing I’ve found I’m getting a few more aches and pains at the end of the day, I get pain in my lower back and in my tailbone after a lot of walking, and when that kicks in, I think I might even start to waddle a little!


The final thing I think it’s important to talk about is I’ve found in the last 2 weeks in particular (23 + 24) I’ve been feeling pretty low. Now there has been a few external factors which have contributed to this so I’m not entirely putting it down to pregnancy, but I’ve always been fairly emotional resilient and able to decompartmentalise and deal with uncertainty and worry. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve found it much more difficult with around 1.5million different pregnancy hormones (not an actual stat you realise!) racing around my body. My anxiety has definitely reared its ugly head and I’ve been using a lot of the tools in my arsenal to try and be as calm as possible – I don’t always get it right and sometimes I’ve just needed a big old cry and a bit of a mope but i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t struggling to navigate the emotional rollercoaster at the moment.

Baby Progress & Appointments

In these weeks baby has finally become fully formed and as of 24 weeks we were told that foetal survival rate is 50%, which seems mad as she must still be so small! Now the focus is on the last of her organs fully developing and then packing on the pounds!

She has definitely found her strength though as from around 23 weeks I’ve been feeling more kicks than general movements which has been lovely, although pretty alarming to start with but now are a lovely reminder she’s in there and happy! I’ve found she is gets active after dinner as I’m winding down to watch TV and she also had a strong reaction to eating ice-cream the other night which was funny! Although she does sometimes kick directly downwards (clearly checking her escape route) and it is pretty uncomfortable! I haven’t seen her through my stomach or anything yet and she only moves at certain times, I keep seeing people who are at the same stage as me talking about how they feel movements constantly – I’m hoping this means she’s a bit more of a chilled tot which carries on when she’s on the outside too!

Appointment wise we had another appointment and scan at 23 weeks. This isn’t a common scan you get if you have a low-risk pregnancy. Due to my low pepe hormone, there is a chance that baby Walsh can be a little on the smaller side and potentially have some growth issues – so during this scan they check 3 key measurements (head, tummy and femur) and measure it against the 20 week measurements to check growth. They also use the ultrasound to look and listen to the blood flow through your uterine arteries to make sure there are no kinks and enough blood is getting to the placenta. They also look at the umbilical chord to check it is pulsing as it should. The good news is – we ticked all the right boxes, our little girl is growing as she should and blood flow and everything was great – meaning that we will continue to be monitored but the likelihood of my complications kicking in is lower – which I was thrilled about!

You don’t get any pictures in this scan really, however, our sonographer was the same man who we had at 12 weeks and he kindly got a great foot pic which he let us take home, it’s really helped when I’ve had low moments as it cheers me right up again!


Baby Buys & Nursery Planning

I mentioned in my last update how a lot of clothes had been purchased and the odd bits and pieces, but in the past four weeks we’ve been focusing on her Nursery and some of the more practical purchases! We have our nursery furniture ready to be built (purchases 2nd hand, honestly gumtree and Facebook buy and sell are the best!) and we’ve picked nursery colours. We have also bought some gorgeous prints for the nursery and have a real vision for the room now! It’s still going to be a few weeks until we get underway with it (I’m slightly nervous about doing it too early!) but I’m enjoying visualising it at least!

Practical buys we’ve got this month include everything from a bath thermometer to a steriliser, bath towels, nail clippers, thermometer to nipple shields and breast pads! To be honest we did most of it on amazon which was nice and easy! Things are starting to get out of hands with boxes lying around, so I am looking forward to when we can finally give everything a home! We still need to pick up a buggy and some of the day to day essentials (nappies, wipes, creams etc) but we still have plenty of time!

I think that’s everything for this update, I won’t be doing another pregnancy update on here until I pop up my 25 – 29 update, but I will be putting up some other pregnancy content every Monday! As it’s pregnancy loss awareness month I will be doing a couple of posts focusing on pregnancy after loss and also reflecting on how I feel nearly a year on after our miscarriage. I also will be putting up posts on my pregnancy essentials, body confidence, the things I’m most looking forward to and most frightened of around motherhood and even a ‘what I eat in a day – pregnancy edition’! If there is anything specific you’d like to read, please let me know!

And, if you want to keep up to date weekly on my pregnancy journey then if you follow me on Instagram (@megatron1002) you can check out my weekly update series on IGTV! Come along, I really want to start a great new mum community and share experiences!

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