A little about me…

A little about me…

Firstly I won’t say I’m a ‘Normal’ girl – because I hate that word – what is normal anyway?

Originally from Glasgow, I now live in London with my beloved husband and Twiglet our cat, who (don’t judge!) is my world, they are my family and have been so key in getting me through some tough times.

I struggle at times with terrible anxiety which I am not ashamed of, I guess that fact isn’t surprising when I tell people that I’ve sadly lost both my parents to terrible illness, mum when I was 13 and dad when I was 29. So you know what – find me someone who has been through that and doesn’t have a few scars – If you do I would love to shake their hands.

This blog is a dedication to everything I love and what makes me happy, from beauty, trips and travel, friendship, food, reading and fashion… the list goes on and on!

So why ‘when life gives you lemons?’ – Well that’s two fold – firstly because I love the entire concept of making something out of any situation – in fact it’s largely how I’ve had to live my life and I think I am happier for it. And secondly, Lemon is my nickname given to me by my best friend, and she is my lemon. I would LOVE to tell you the witty cool story how this came around but I don’t remember – but it’s stuck for years and this blog is a little ode to us – and the approximately 1000 whatsapp messages we share everyday!

To see more about me and my life please feel free to follow me on other social media

Instagram: @megatron1002

Twitter: @megatron1002


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